Think Like a Pro. Work Like a Pro.
We’ve been working as a successful two-man video production crew for over 20 years and thought it was time to share some of the things we’ve learned about what it takes to be a pro and keep getting hired - again and again.
Yes, we’re here to help with the technical side of production, but we're also about learning to navigate through the pressures of demanding clients, tight deadlines, low budgets, difficult talent, uninspiring locations and crazy travel schedules.
It’s all about having confidence in what you’re doing. It’s not so much “how” - it’s more about “what”. How to shoot video is relatively easy. What to shoot is the tricky part.
We’re here to help you think like a pro, act like a pro, and most importantly, work like a pro.
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Location Audio Online Course


OVER 6 HOURS OF LESSONS covering everything you need to know to be well on your way to a career in Location Sound. 

This is where it all began, in the classroom, and Dean teaches all the techniques, protocols, and skills you need to know to manoeuvre the shark infested waters of a real shoot. If you’re serious about learning location sound but don’t have access to a tech college or post secondary institute, then Location Audio Simplified Online Course is perfect for you!

Invest in your career. Click on the Vimeo link below to check out the promo video.

Enrol now for $199.00


Location Audio for Camera Operators.

Online Course

Camera Audio Simplified online course takes our printed book to the next level.

All the same great information but with lots of bonus material and all presented as video demonstrations and on-location examples. All the teachings found in the Camera Audio Simplified book are now in a 2.5 hour online course taught by Dean Miles. Don’t let poor sound drag your beautiful images down.

Invest in your camera career. Click on the Vimeo link below to check out the promo video.



Enrol now $99.00



Printed Books

Location Audio Simplified and Camera Audio Simplified


Location Audio Simplified Printed Book

Location Audio Simplified teaches all the techniques needed to embark on a career as a location audio operator. Learn how to record quality audio in the field.


Learn the secrets of Dean Miles, a “real world” professional with over 20 years of location audio experience. If you’re a location audio operator, from rookie to pro, Location Audio Simplified has all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to improve your sound.

Companion to the Location Audio Simplified online course.



Don’t let sound be your achilles heel! Click Here to order your copy today $38.95

Camera Audio Simplified Printed Book

Scot and Dean team up in The Location Crew’s new book – Camera Audio Simplified to make recording quality audio possible by the one-person-crew.


Camera Audio Simplified takes the mystery and frustration out of recording high quality location audio when you don’t have a dedicated sound person. Scot makes sure everything is tailored for the camera operator and easy to implement in a real shooting environment when you’re on your own.

Companion to the Camera Audio Simplified online course.



Don’t let sound be your achilles heel! Click Here to order your copy today $19.95


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