Location Audio Simplified

No long, drawn out tech-talk, just tried-and-true operating techniques on how to record quality audio in the field.

Are you working in digital video and location audio is making you feel like jumping off a cliff? Have no fear friends – we have the solution.

Location Audio Simplified printed and Kindle books at Amazon.

Learn the secrets of Dean Miles, a “real world” professional with over 20 years of location audio experience. If you’re a location audio operator, from rookie to pro, Location Audio Simplified has all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to improve your sound.

From the basics of using handheld, lavaliere and shotgun microphones to detailed camera calibration and mixer set-ups, LAS helps unlock the secrets to clean and clear broadcast quality audio no matter what challenges you’re faced with. Whether it’s big budget documentaries or low budget corporate videos, the principles of quality audio remain the same.

Just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to set-up and operate a location audio field mixer.
  • Hidden and exposed lavalier micing techniques.
  • How to choose and prepare a location for optimal dialogue recording.
  • How to choose and use the correct shotgun mic for the job.
  • How to set up and calibrate a Wireless Hop.
  • How to set up and calibrate a Double System.
  • How to Have a positive impact on an interview.
  • How to set up and record with a Safety Track.

And a whole lot more!


Camera Audio Simplified

Scot and Dean team up on Camera Audio Simplified to make quality audio possible by the one-person-crew !

Camera Audio Simplified teaches the location audio techniques Dean uses to record high quality location audio. Scot makes sure these techniques are tailored to the camera operator and easy to implement in a real shooting environment – making recording sound while shooting great pictures achievable. No longer will sound be your achilles heal!

Camera Audio Simplified printed/Kindle books at Amazon

Just some of the things you’ll learn:

  • Learn about sound elements and how they’re used when mixing audio.
  • How to choose and prepare a location for optimal dialogue recording.
  • How to use a camera-mounted mic to its full potential.
  • How to set-up and calibrate a wireless system.
  • Learn how to apply a lavalier – hidden and exposed techniques.
  • DSLR camera audio – there are solutions to record quality audio.

And a whole lot more!