Location Sound Course

Online Location Sound Course. Become a professional Location Sound Operator!

Location Audio Simplified On-Demand Course now on VIMEO 

37 classes, over 6 hours of video packed with on-location demonstrations, lectures, and real world examples that teach, in detail, the skills, techniques, and protocols needed to succeed in the video industry as a location sound operator.


It’s like having a one-on-one private lesson! You can become a location audio operator with this course!

Dean walks you through the teachings of Location Audio Simplified, throws to all the videos only found in the Location Audio Simplified iBooks and adds real world experiences to keep it interesting.

Rent the complete course or choose the class or classes you need to brush-up on.


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The Location Audio Simplified Course Topics Include:

    • How to use shotgun microphones
    • Applying lavaliere microphones
    • Set up and operate a field mixer
    • Calibrating a video camera
    • How to boom
    • How to Choose a Location
    • Ambience, it’s not all bad
    • Record an Interview
    • Much much more
    Here’s a class for you to sample: